The PT-2700 can be mounted into a paddy dryer or measuring scale at a rice unloading station, enabling continuous moisture measurement. When mounted into a dryer, it is possible to automatically stop the dryer while taking moisture measurements.
●SpecificationsPT-2700 (2751/2752)
Measurement methodElectrical Resistance Method
Applications2751 : Paddy
2752 : Paddy, Wheat, Barley, Brown Rice, Milled Rice
Measurement range•Moisture
Paddy: 10-35%, Wheat : 10-40%, Barley : 10-40%, Brown Rice : 10-20%, Milled Rice : 10-17%
Measured variablesMoisture, Temperature
Measurement precisionWith respect to drying method (105°C 5g 5H crushed), 1 σ- 0.5% or less, at moisture of 20% or less

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