Kett has developed wheat & rice flour moisture tester which has been used for bread or noodles or other foods field, which has created a surge in demand for wheat & rice flour. The Wheat and Rice Flour Moisture Tester, “PR-930” can promptly and simply measure the moisture of wheat & rice
flour in spotlight, what is more, the moisture content of “wheat and grains”, the raw materials of them. PR-930 has been developed by applying the technologies if grain moisture testers cultivated for many years in our company, which is a moisture tester for wheat & rice flour. This tester is essential for quality control for wheat & rice flour.
ApplicationsWheat flour, Wheat, Rice flour, Long milled rice, Short milled rice, Long paddy, Short paddy
Measurement RangeWheat flour : 11-18%, 
Wheat : 9-30%
Rice flour : 8-18%
Long milled rice : 10-20%
Short milled rice : 10-20%
Long paddy : 10-35%
Short paddy : 10-30%
Measurement PrecisionWheat flour, Rice flour :
standard error of 0.25%(1σ) at 130C 5g
2hrs method (Entire range)
Wheat, Long paddy, Short paddy,
Long milled rice, Short milled rice:
standard error of 0.5%(1σ) at 130C 5g
crushed 2hrs method (Under 20% range)
Display FormatDigital (LCD, minimum display digit 0.1%,
backlight equipped)

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