The PQ-520 is grain moisture tester continuously measures the moisture of a sample one kernel at a time, thus making it possible to accurately determine the moisture distribution of the sample and preventing uneven moisture caused by inadequate drying.
Measurement MethodElectrical resistance
Applications / Measurement RangePQ-5203
Milled rice: 11-20%, Brown rice: 11-20%, Paddy rice: 11-35%, Barley: 10-40%, Wheat: 10-40%, Naked barley: 10-35%

Long milled rice: 11-20%, Short milled rice: 11-20%, Long brown rice: 11-20%, Short brown rice: 11-20%, Long Paddy: 11-35%, Short Paddy: 11-35%, Long parboiled rice: 11-20%, Jasmine milled rice: 11-20%, Jasmine paddy: 11-35%, 
Barley: 10-40%, Naked barley: 10-35%, 
Wheat: 10-40%, Long sticky paddy: 11-35%, Long sticky milled rice: 11-20%
Measurement Precision±0.5% (moisture less than or equal to 20%) 
Measurement TimeLess than 40 seconds per 100 kernels (measurement of brown rice, time for display of average moisture value)

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