This instrument can measure the moisture content of many kinds of grain, seeds, and other products. Using a fixed sample volume allows the weight, temperature, and capacitance (dielectric) of the sample to be measured. After processing this information, with the use of the embedded microprocessor, the “Moisture Value” is displayed.Refer to the separate “Product List” for measurable grain types. Because the calibration curves of products on the “Product List” have been already stored, the measurement of a sample on the list can be instantly performed by simply pressing the product number.

Measuring methodDielectric constant
ApplicationsGrain, Seeds
Measurement range1-40% (sample dependent)
Sample volume240 mL
Operating temperature range0-40 °C
Accuracy0.5% below 20%
Correction functionMass,Temperature,Shift correction (Offset correction)
Other functionsAverage, auto power off, volume weight unit of g/L (sample weight/sample volume)

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