The PB-3100 is a rice and grain moisture tester intended for the purpose of measuring the moisture content of imported rice. The base unit has been modeled after the PB-1D3 rice and grain moisture tester which is used by many companies and is highly valued for its precision and durability. In responding to the influx of rice production in various countries in the world, we have made this unit to be able to measure short, medium, and long grains countries which are known are known to have the highest measuring frequencies. Of course, you can also measure domestic polished and brown rice with this unit.
●SpecificationsPB-3100 series
Measurement FormatAC Resistance Format
Applications●Model PB-3103
Paddy, Milled Rice, Parboiled Rice, Parboiled Paddy, Tapioca Pellet, Tapioca Flour.
●Model PB-3104
Wheat, Flour (Cake & Noodle, Bread & Pasta), Noodle, Pasta, Corn Flour
Measurement Range6.0-35.0%
Measurement Precision±0.1%(manufacture), ±0.5%(drying method)
Display Format128×64 Dot matrix LCD
Display ContentMoisture(%), Number of measurement, Average value, Measurement items
Temperature CorrectionAutomatic temperature correction according to thermostat
OutputPrinter output (RS-232C)

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