NIR Rice Composition Analyser AN – 920​

Nondestructive measurement of the amount of moisture, protein, and amylose of brown rice or milled rice

This is a composition analyser capable of measuring the
composition, such as moisture, protein, and amylose, of brown
or milled rice by a nondestructive measurement method.
The transmission type near-infrared spectroscopy is adopted
as the measurement method. The near-infrared ray is irradiated
to the sample, and the transmitted light will be detected and
used for calculation. Specially, this unit is equipped with a
spectroscope using a diffraction grating, and high accuracy
wavelength spectrum is provided allowing stable measurement.
This unit is ready-to-operate, since the calibration curves of
short brown rice and short milled rice are pre-input. And the
results can be output to a printer or PC. The necessary daily
adjustment of the unit can be performed easily using the
supplied standard sample.
Also, the touch-panel allows easy operation. And the low price
is achieved due to the simple mechanism.
Analysing composition of rice using AN-920 will help
the farmers, rice factories, and dealers to objectively and
scientifi cally perform quality control.

• Easy operation
(1) Fill the case with sample grains.
(2) Set the sample case following the displayed instructions.
(3) After a key operation, the analysis will be completed in
approximately 40 seconds.

• Large touch panel
5.7″ color LCD allows easy to see the measurement results.
Also, helps the operetor by displaying the next procedure.

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