Instant Moisture Meter – PM 650​

Instant Moisture Meter for Grains, Seeds, Coffee and Other small products

Kett has developed a variety of highly successful moisture meters for portable use. The PM-650 is the latest in our product line and is indispensable for the grain, seed,and coffee industries.

The PM-650, version 6501 is a general purpose instrument for worldwide use. It will measure a wide variety of applications including wheat, corn, sunflowers, hazelnuts, coffee, tea. etc. to 150 applications may be installed.

Special Futures:

Wide Measurement Range : The PM-650 can measure the moisture content in grain and seed sam- ples between 1-40% depending on the grain and the PM-650 version.

Automatic density and temperature correction The capacitance principle is affected by both density and temperature— The PM-650 includes an integrated scale and thermistor to automati- cally compensate for variation in both Hensuring accurate moisture mea- surement each time.

Sample density (g/l) is provided The PM-650 automatically calculates the sample density (sample weight/volume).

Printer and data output options The PM-650 can be connected to an option thermal printer or PC.

Stable load cell Improvements in the load cell provide even better weight measure- ment stability when compared with our earlier models.

Versatile operation Lightweight & easy to hold Alarge buttons H audible and displayVcons make the PM-65l(can instrument anyone can use Hin almost any environment. Specification : version 6501 Capacitance (Dielectric) (50MHz)

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