With the HI-330, you can easily find the moisture content and single unit water volume on-site by simply placing the weight-screened mortar (or sand) into the sample tray and pressing the measurement key. You can even send the control data information to a printer. Furthermore, in addition to measuring the moisture content of mortar, the HI-330 can also measure the surface water ratio of fine aggregates.

CategoryHI-330 Specifications
Measurement MethodCapacitance
ApplicationsMortar (things that have been weight-screened by wet Concrete)
Fine aggregates
Measurement RangeMortar: 20-40% (volume moisture rate)
Aggregates: above 15
Measurement PrecisionMortar: ±0.5% (repeated precision)
Aggregates used with the HI-330: ±0.3% (repeated Precision)
Display FormatDigital(LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)