The FD-800 employs a dual temperature sensing method to achieve highly precise moisture measurements. In addition to the thermistor that measures the environment temperature within the drying chamber, it is mounted with a radiation thermometer that measures the sample temperature directly without contact.
Measurement methodDetection of weight loss by heating & drying
Sample mass0.1-120g (optional weight sampling)
Measurement subjectMoisture / Solid content / Weight
Measurement range0-100% (wet base, solids); 0-500% (dry base)
Repeatability (standard deviation)Sample with a weight of 5g or higher : 0.05%
Sample with a weight of 10g or higher : 0.02%)
ResolutionMoisture percentage 0.01% / 0.1%; Weight 1 mg Temperature setting range for thermistor (T1): 30 – 180°C (1°C interval); for radiation thermometer (T2) 30 – 250°C (1°C interval)
Measurement modesAutomatic stop mode, Timer stop mode, Rapid drying mode, Equilibrium drying mode, Step drying mode, Predictive (comparative) measurement mode
External outputRS-232C interface

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