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The Mile Stone of “TARA” was founded by Mr.BHARATKUMAR M. DAVDA, in 1979 by starting a company name by TARA INTERNATIONAL in Mumbai

Started with 3 Canadian manufacturers’ of Agriculture Equipments and in short span expanded with 14 Globlize manufacturer’s for Sales, Service, Customer support, Application Development and Technology Development.



The BactoCount IBCm is a semi-automated instrument that uses flow cytometry for the rapid enumeration of individual bacteria and somatic cells in milk. The rapid test for bacteria makes it an ideal solution for any processing plant or test laboratory involved in quality assessment on milk.


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Water Activity Meter

Water Activity Meter


Accurate measurement with a sensor less susceptible to alcohol; Easy replacement and calibration of the sensor (tool-free);Control of sensor deterioration due to acids by placing a sensor protection filter (option);Device storage of up to 100 measurement data; USB memory available (CSV output).

Milk Analyser - Dairy Spac FT

The Somacount FCM delivers the ultimate efficiency and accuracy in early mastitis detection. This instrument provides a rapid and accurate count for the SCC (somatic cell count) in dairy milk, , provides an accurate count of the somatic cells in a raw milk sample (cow, sheep, goat, camel, buffalo etc.). 

VideometerLab 4

The VideometerLab Instrument is Videometer’s flagship instrument for multispectral image acquisition.  It is used for measuring


The VideometerMic is an automated multispectral microscope incorporating a multispectral scanner head mounted in an xyz-stage for auto-focusing and scanning of samples

Nir Analyzer - KB 270

Composition and content analysis generally consumes significant time. The data amount that can be obtained in a day, even using good analysis methods, has limitations.

Instant Moisture Meter – PM 650​

Instant Moisture Meter for Grains, seeds, Coffee and other small products. Fast Reliable, Simple to operate, Competitively priced, Many measurement applications.



Measurement of moisture, proteins, lipids, and such in rice, wheat, barley, beans etc.

Measurement of moisture, proteins and fiber in tea leaf products, laver etc.

Measurement of moisture and fatty acid in meat, fish etc.

Measurement of moisture, in dried sausage, dried meat etc.

Measurement of moisture proteins, lipids and such in fish meal etc.

Measurement of moisture and sugar in fruit and vegetable.

Measurement of moisture and oil content in plant materials such as canola, sesame, soy, corn, sun flower, etc.

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Measurement of ingredient quantities in bread mix.

Measurement of moisture, fat, ingredient quantities in bread, cookies, biscuits, potato chips, rehydratable noodle, cereal etc

Measurement of moisture sugar content, fiber in sugar (Sugar cane / Raw Sugar / Refined Sugar) etc.

Measurement of moisture proteins and lipids in sport supplement (whey, protein)etc.

Measurement of moisture proteins, lipids and ingredient quantities in pet food etc.

Measurement of moisture total nitrogen and phosphate in fertilizer etc.

Measurement of products for organic synthesis.

Measurement of products, glucose, alcohol, lactic acid etc. produced by fermentation.


Measurement of various components in the manufacturing process of paints, coating agents, adhesives etc 

Measurement of dryness and identification of types of plastics

Measurement of hydrogen peroxide concentration and absolute humidity in the process of room decontamination / westernization, packaging process, vacuum sterilization

Measurement of moisture, proteins and ash in wheat flour, starch, buckwheat flour, etc.

Measurement of water content and particle size in the granulation process.

Measurement of moisture, Proteins, Sugar, Alcohol etc. in the brewing process

Measurement of moisture, proteins, fat, sugar, lactic acid, etc in yogurt and such

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