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The milestone of “TARA” was founded by Mr Bharatkumar M. Davda, in 1979 by starting a company called Tara International in Mumbai. It started with 3 Canadian manufacturers of Agriculture Equipments, and in a short span expanded to 14 Global manufacturers for Sales, Service, Customer Support, Application Development and Technology Development.

Industrial Applications

Agricultural / Animal Products

Determination of moisture, proteins, lipids, fibres, sugars and oil content in agricultural, animal and fishery products.

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Pharmaceutical Applications

Granulation monitoring / determination of mixing end point / mixed quantity confirmation / coating monitoring for collectively optimum processes.

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Processed Food

Determination of moisture, fat, fibres and ingredient quantities in processed foods, including but not limited to, foods like potato chips or cereal, sports supplements like whey protein, or even pet foods.

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Organic Synthesis / Bioreactors

Determination of glucose, alcohol, lactic acid etc. produced by fermentation in bioreactors, and of products for organic synthesis.

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Paints / Coating Agents

Determination of various components in the manufacturing process of paints, coating agents, adhesives etc., and measurement of dryness and identification of types of plastics.

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Decontamination / Sterilization

Determination of hydrogen peroxide concentration and absolute humidity in the process of room decontamination / westernization, packaging process, vacuum sterilization.

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Flour Milling

Determination of moisture, proteins and ash in wheat flour, starch, buckwheat flour, etc., and measurement of water content and particle size in the granulation process.

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Alcohol Brewing / Soy Sauce / Yogurt

Determination of moisture, proteins, sugar, alcohol etc. in the brewing process, and measurement of moisture, proteins, fat, sugar, lactic acid, etc in products like yogurt.